The A-Z list of IT Services

We have specialists in most IT services - only a few are listed below.  If you need information on something that isn't on the list, just ask - we'll know someone who can help.

Antivirus Protection
We Specialise, so we can help you, stay protected


Bespoke Stationery
Printing, design, continuous stationery, business cards

Broadband Internet
We have experience connecting people to the internet at the highest speeds

Networks, data cabling, electrical, fibre optics, the lot!

Computer Aided Design

IT networking, programming, general business, H & S

Digital Equipment
Camera's, DVD's, TV converters

Media / Consumables
Ink cartridges, photo quality paper, CD's, Zips, floppy-discs
Mobile Device Repairs
Our team are also ready and able to repair damaged mobiles, such as cracked screens.

Modems   ( MOdulator, DEModulator )
We specialise in all types for all requirements, Broadband, ISDN, V92, etc

Installation, cabling, software, security

PC Systems
A complete range, old & new, basic & specialist.

Scanners, printers, modems, sound systems, joysticks and more.

Add-ons, spare parts , upgrades

Off the shelf & bespoke

IT training across the board , workgroups, videos and CD's

FREE assessments, major brands & quality alternatives

Vinyl Images & Lettering
For premises, vans, banners

Web Site & Internet
The internet, e-mails, e-commerce, online shopping, etc.

Wireless Networking
Connect your PC's without having to run cables (Business and Home)
This list is being constantly updated - please visit again soon.