IT Training

Flexibility and Value
We have been quick to recognise that a lot of training companies are not offering flexibility and listening to what the customer is really asking for.  

We are flexible on the hours, the venue, the subject and the aims.

One-to-One Training (as well as 'One-to-Many')
As well as the usual 'One to Many' sessions, we also provide 'One to One'.  These hourly/daily sessions can be conducted at the Wildman Computers Shop or On-Site at your own location.  The fee depends on the expertise of the trainer and ranges considerably from 5-60 per hour.  This flexibility in rates allows us to cater for both beginners & professionals alike.  Please contact the Shop for more details or send us an email with your enquiry particulars.

Several Training Locations

Our training rooms house 2 to 8 people.   Additionally, we have extra facilities available, both at the business centre, close-by in the City Centre and the use of local village facilities.

 We are also experienced in providing on-site training at a customers offices - as well as one
-to-one at home.  Catering can easily be included.

A wide range of applications

Wildman Computers provide equipment for professionals who constantly endeavour to keep up with the rapid development of the latest software packages.  These are the very people whom we then provide to teach the courses.  This in turn, should put our clients ahead of the rest.

If you want to learn web design, we get a web designer to teach you!

Quick Tips & Short cuts
If you just require an hour going over a few pointers, then our staff and our associates are professionals who use computer equipment and software in various situations on a regular 'on going' basis.  This puts them in a great position to pass on all the short cuts and tips relevant to today's requirements.

Conventional Full Day courses
No training centre would be the same without the conventional courses, it's just  that we offer so much more 

Please contact us to discuss your own training requirements!


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