The Budget PC System
Cost effective, reliable, quality assured!

Give us the opportunity of planning a budget solution for you.

Find out just how much prices have dropped.

Remember a budget solution is only effective if all your requirements are taken into account.

(Picture left shows system with a 15" TFT silver monitor)

Cost effective
We identify cost effective parts which can provide performance for less money.

Reliable and quality assured
We are here to support every system sold and it is in our best interest to provide reliable systems from all our ranges.  These PCs will not provide the extra facilities of our better models, but because we put a lot of thought into what we produce, we have still removed most of the headaches.

The Workstation Scenario
For general office tasks, training, networking, etc.  Even the very basic PCs deal very well with general tasks and with new budget systems running several times faster than last years models, they are so much better, that sometimes it is cost effective to buy a new one each year.

Like all our systems, the budget is upgrade-able, but putting your requirements first, we sometimes recommend that you keep the screen, keyboard and mouse and we provide a cost effective replacement for the tower.  Either way we make it as easy as possible.

Please contact us for more details, or look through the dedicated sections on the computer systems that we provide.