New Computer Systems
For both home and office



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Our Professional range of PC's are built to order, so that they fulfil your requirements.

The Entry Level
for our computer systems is as follows...

Mini Tower Case

AMD processor with 3DNow! technology

Advanced Chipset 'High Spec' motherboard

USB Front and Back

1 Hi-speed Serial COM Ports

1 Bi-directional Parallel Printer Port


128meg Radeon 9250

80Gb (7200rpm)

15" TFT dvi or vga monitor

Stereo Speakers and 3D Sound System (if required)

3" FDD

Standard Keyboard & Mouse

Choice of Microsoft Windows Operating System (if required)

New Stylish Case Designs ( Including Nokia and Illuminated )


The above is merely an entry level specification, with virtually all the components being changeable to a different specification to suit your precise needs, prior to agreeing a purchase.

If you are not in the market for a new PC just at the moment, then why not let us get your current PC back into tip-top condition?

We provide many systems built for a purpose . . .

Replacement Towers


Office Stations

Game/DVD Stations

and more.........................Call for more Information