The Premium PC Range
Performance & Upgrade-ability !

This range of PC’s is aimed at the user who requires performance now, but is looking to provide a platform that will allow him or her to keep up with advancements.

(Pictured left with a 17" Hyundai image quest monitor)

Better for Future-proofing
We have all heard people say that a computer is out of date, as soon as it leaves the shop.  We can guarantee that this range of PC’s has consistently disproved this perception and allowed many of our users to add on newer and better features as they became more advanced and affordable.

They have achieved this without having to change their computer to do so.

Better for Dealing with Compatibility

We do not want you to purchase an ‘add-on’ and find that it doesn’t work with your PC.  Many stores will leave you to ‘trial and error’.  We are tired of hearing about 100% compatibility.  In our opinion there generally isn’t such a thing, but all the component & peripheral manufactures seem to claim this.  We are constantly testing equipment for compatibility (as well as performance & reliability), so that we can give informed advice about equipment.  This is definitely 100% compatible with the Premium range.

Not just a computer, but a quality PC system
After the computer, there are all peripheral devices.  We do not (and will not) just throw in free scanners and printers as a ’gimmick’.  In our experience, they are the cheap models that nobody wants and will have to be changed anyway, when you want them to do a quality job.

Don’t spend all your money at once

After discussing the exact requirements of your PC, we will add quality and save you money by identifying just what extras you require for the plans you have.  Keep the rest of your money and when you wish to add to your system later, we should have even better devices, to add for less.

Please contact us for more details, or look through the dedicated sections on the computer systems that we provide.