The Premium 'Security' PC
A major improvement in security for under £30! 

When the information on your PC is vital, we can make the complete loss of your PC far less important than the disaster that faces you when it has been irreparably damaged or stolen.  We have found that most of our customers arenít bothered about the PC but the data that is on it is invaluable.

You may notice the handle on the front on the mini tower in the picture.  This is a tray which can be locked/unlocked to remove/replace the hard disk in a couple of seconds.

Your data is safe!

When locked away in a secure drawer or safe, your PC is inoperable and your data is safe. Just plug the tray back in and switch on, itís that easy.  

Fits to any system

This hard disk tray can be fitted to most systems and can prove to be very valuable when you are unsure about leaving your PC.

Hard Disk Care

Please note that it is not recommended that the hard disks be used as portable devices.  They are fragile pieces of equipment and should be treated with the utmost care when moving about.

Let us keep you one step ahead

With many years of experience in designing, building and repairing systems, we have lots of different ideas & solutions that you may want to take advantage of.

Please contact us for more details, or look through the dedicated sections on the computer systems that we provide.