MODEM’s   (MOdulator, DEModulator)

We specialise in all types for all requirements, Broadband, ISDN, V92, etc.




What does a modem do ?

In simple terms: Modems allow computers to connect to other computers via a telephone line.  There are many types and some do not have all the functions that are standard in the better models.  As specialists, we advise on all types of modems and the scenarios in which you may wish to use them.


Don’t just buy an ‘off the shelf’ modem.

In just the same way that both a MINI and a ROLLS ROYCE can be described as a CAR, a modem can be very basic and limited or a good quality ‘top of the range’ model.  So find out more about your choice of modem, before purchasing it.


The price difference is marginal between modems, so always purchase a quality model, running at the fastest rate, with a certification and good application software.

The Application.

The Program supplied FREE with your modem.

A modem is usually supplied with a FREE application.  Depending on your modems capabilities, this should be a ‘user friendly’ program, which will make it easier to use the modems extra features, eg. Send / Receive faxes, telephone answering services, etc.  On their own, these applications can cost more than the modem cost in the first place, so it is important that you make a good choice before hand.

Compatibility guarantee

A modem is fairly easy to install into a computer or Laptop, but you must be sure that it is going to be compatible with both the hardware and software that you intend to use with it.  This issue causes a lot of sore heads and wasted time and money.  Realising this, we specialise in taking this problem away.  If we fit the modem for you, we have the worries and we guarantee to ensure compatibility.

Not only has different hardware always caused people these problems, but early in 2003, some companies (such as AOL), have started to inform customers that their modems are incompatible with using their networks.  Those worried customers, who came to us, are now happy customers. Horses for courses

A modem used for a ‘dial up’ connection, is not the same as one used fro Broadband.

Telewest broadband can connect to your PC using a network card, but BT usually connect to your PC with USB.

Usually PC’s use entirely different modems to a Laptop, but we can supply one to use with both.


Tell us what you want and we will look for the best modem for as many requirements as you can sensibly suggest.