Antivirus Protection

We specialise, so we can help you, stay protected.  






Protecting Wildman Computers & our customers, since 1996.

We donít just sell you the product.  We have made it our business to know as much about it, as we can.  We use the software, repair faults, try out the advanced settings and when necessary, discuss the product directly with Mcafee.

Complete Range of services.

From sales through advice, to virus repair, just give us a call.


Donít under estimate the cost of recovering from a virus attack.

The Labour cost of wiping infected computers, reinstalling operating systems, device drivers, applications, programs and data, can far outway the cost of new systems.  Donít let it happen to you.


The Antivirus Software.

The are many versions of Antivirus software, including home user and network versions.  Please consult to ensure you choose wisely.



Most software packages encourage you to register your purchase and sometimes this can seem time consuming and not worth bothering about.  It is very important that you register your purchase of Macfee.  This entitles you a whole years updates, keeping your virus checking program up to date with each virus that is released after your purchase.  Mcafee have made the registration process quick and easy.  We provide assistance, if required.


Program set-up & Automation

It is worth noting, that just because an antivirus program is installed on your system, does not mean that you are protected.  You must be sure that the scanning settings and set correctly and that it is et to automatically update itself.  If you are unsure, please seek advice.  We provide assistance, if required.


The Virus information Library.

One of the many great services that Mcafee offer, is the virus information library.  They regularly post vital information on this web site for any user to use.  FREE of charge, member or not.  If you have any quiries about a virus youíve had (or heard about), or you want to check if one is a hoax.  Please try it out.  It can save you a lot of time and money.