Broadband Internet

We have experience connecting people to the internet at the highest speeds.


Broadband - the whole picture.

We offer to discuss the whole issue before you make your mind up.  Connecting to the internet is not FREE.  If you ISP is free, then you pay for your calls, or if your calls are free, then you pay a fee for connection.  So this issue is always the most important.  I always suggest that you donít look at the monthly cost (which is usually discounted to start with, to get you to sign up), but how much it is going to cost for the first year.  With Broadband, this is usually over £300 a year, but itís brilliant !  If you can afford it, its great.  Its entertaining, informative and I use it for saving my business time and money.

I.S.P.ís, whoís broadband service do you want to connect to ?

We have experience connecting people to many of the services out there.  This includes, BT, Freeserve, AOL, Tiscali, Telewest, Triom and several others.


How do I get a return for my investment ?

Save money on information gathering & sharing, faxes & mass mailing.

I use email to send over 100 messages a week.  Thatís a lot of postage, fax & phone calls saved.  The high speed connection means time saved sending & receiving.  I can use larger amounts of information and increase the quality of the data I send.  With telephone calls, you have to get to someone to discuss the details.  With faxes, you sometimes have to print things, then scan them into the fax and they never come out straight (always with a bit missing of the bottom)


I can download files in seconds, which would have taken an hour.  I then use this hour to do something that will earn further income.  The extra hour could pay for a months connection to broadband.


Broadband Equipment.

Most broadband services are a little different from each other.  They use different modems and some connect to you computer through a USB port, whilst others connect using a network card.  There are also compatibility issues with both hardware and software.  We have met many over the last twelve months and beaten them all.  Let us take away the headache by assessing what you require and helping you get it right first time.



If you plan before hand, you will have much more choice.  You may decide to use a different service, because you can connect more than one PC at a time.


With our experience we can usually discuss everything with you that you require within an hour.  We await your call.