Wireless Network’s

Connect your PC’s without having to run any cables (Business & Home).

New Lower Cost

With the latest price drop, it can now be cheaper than running cables.


You can now connect your computers at home/work, without running cables between them, from as little as £


New Faster speeds

Standard wireless connections are 11MBs.  That’s 22 times faster than a standard broadband connection.

We are now supplying some wireless networks with 22Mbs transmission speeds.


Share your printers, files and internet connection.

Plug all the fancy stuff into the main computer and let everyone else benefit from them.  Why buy more than one printer, or scanner, or CD rewriter, when everyone else can benefit from the same ones.  Use your network to save money on purchasing extra equipment.  You can even share a broadband connection.

Fit it yourself or get us to fit it for you.

I you know about networking, then you can buy the parts and do it yourself.

OR as specialists, we make networking look easy.  If you want us to install it, we will quote a reasonable rate and we can be in and out in no time.  Another job done and another satisfied customer.