Digital Equipment:   Cameras, DVD, TV converters etc. 
We supply the very latest digital equipment.


Why digital ?

The general feeling is that once things can be stored in digital format they can be shared, amended, improved, etc.  This can be done over a vast amount of mediums that can and will manipulate digital data.

This is true!

More and more things are becoming available in digital format, you would be amazed at what you can do and how much they have plummeted in price.  Before deciding what equipment you need ask for FREE advice.

Soon computers, robots, TV's, HI-FI, household equipment and more, will all be able to share digital pictures information with each other.  What will they think of next ?  Equipment in this sector is changing all the time.

Whether you already know what you want or you would like to find out what is available, give us a call.

Forward Planning

Talk to us about what you would like to see and do.  We want you to be ready for the next changes and not get something that will soon be out of date.


We have several supply chains, so we assess the prices available from each supplier to bring you the cheapest available.  We also check if another version is about to be available as this may shortly bring down the price again and give you an alternative product to choose from.

Brand Names

There are too many names to mention as we constantly assess what is available to us.  We already supply Ricoh, Epson, Canon, HP, ATI, Xerox, and many more.  In each case the equipment was just what the client required. 
We are used to happy customers.


We don't keep 'hi-tech' stock because we don't believe in supplying things that are out of date.  In the IT industry it is best to order as and when the items are required.  As time goes by things are getting better and cheaper on a regular basis.  This way you get the newest version at the cheapest price.