Internet Hosting and Registration



All registrations and hosting will be done through Easyspace (UK) Ltd.  Renewal notices will be issued one-month in advance to Wildman Computers for all services.  Unless instructed otherwise all new domains will be registered in the name of Wildman Computers.  Subsequent ownership transfers will incur an administrative fee of 20.


All new registrations are for an initial period of 2 years.  Renewals are for a minimum of one year up to ten years. 


Domain Type

First 2 Years

Renewals per Year










Note:  Other domains/prices are available on request.


Transfer of Registration/Hosting

Transfer requires details of current Registrant/hosting service.  The process usually takes 5-7 days and can, in some cases, mean the site is down for 24-48 hours.


Administrative charge for the transfer of a domain only to Easyspace       -15

Administrative charge for the transfer of a domain/hosting to Easyspace - 25

Ownership of the domain remains unchanged in all cases. 

Note:  Some existing suppliers will charge a transfer fee out which can be up to 25.


All fees are for one-year hosting package and include:

         FrontPage extension

         No adverts

        Access to site statistics

         E-mail address

        Unlimited bandwidth (not streaming)

Band 1

This option is suitable for small or start up businesses with up to 5 pages on the site,fewer graphics and low anticipated usage in the first year.

Up to 5Mb web space


Annual Cost - 150


Band 2

This option is suitable for a medium-sized business with up to 15 pages on the site, graphics and medium anticipated usage.

5 10Mb web space


Annual Cost - 175


Band 3

This option is suitable for established businesses with larger site made up of 25+ pages, graphics, animations, reply forms and medium to high anticipated usage.

10 Mb+ web space


Annual Cost - 200



Extra web space can be added at 25 per additional 10Mb per year.


Please note: All prices are subject to VAT.