Repairs - Spare Parts - Upgrades
Whatever the requirement, we'll assess it and find the best solution !






We will answer these eye-opening questions

  • What does your computer really have inside?
  • Is everything working normally?
  • Is there something available that will increase its performance at a reasonable price?
  • Would it be worth spending to improve this computer or saving for a new one?

We can give you the answers and the options, then leave you to decide!

Hardware Diagnostics
As well as normal assessments in our workshop, we can run a range of hardware diagnostics to identify precisely which components are failing in the computer, and what can be done to replace them.

Software Diagnostics
During our assessment procedure we will thoroughly check your computer for any signs of an adware or virus infection, as well as identifying common faults relating to windows or your other software.

Specific Problems
We will investigate any specific problem you wish during our assessment procedure. Simply report these to us when you book the machine into the workshop

Completely Broken Systems
When you think your computer is broken beyond repair, think again. We may be able to restart it or at least rescue the data.