loose chippings LIVE 



featuring Somerset Avenue 




                    filmed by Bob Holt  at Bradford &  Bingley  Sports  Club Sat 10th May 2003





 On the 10th May 2003, James retired from the band.  

 He will be missed and we wish him all the best with his future projects.  

 To acknowledge James' involvement in writing the songs on the 

 LOOSE CHIPPINGS Special Edition CD, we recorded his final concert  

 which also includes Guitarist Jon Brochie's most recently penned song "Best Medicine"

The first ten songs of the concert are now available on DVD





  The DVD can be obtained from BEAT IT Music store 18 Westgate, Baildon. BD1 5EJ Tel 01274 59977





Click here to download a preview

The Tracks on the DVD are listed below

                                               1. Runaway (J. Brotchie 2001)

                                               2. You do something to me (Paul Weller)

                                                               3. Radar Love (Golden Earring)

                                               4. ‘85 (J. Brotchie 2001)

                                               5. Old before I die (Robbie Williams)

                                               6. Best Medicine (J. Brotchie 2002) previously unreleased)

                                               7. Rock Injection (J. Brotchie 2001)

                                               8. Messin’ with the kid (?)

                                               9. Spiritual Hauntings (J. Brotchie 2001)

                                              10. The Feeling (M. Wildman 2001)


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