About Us

Family Business: Wildman Properties are a small family business with very few properties. We apply family values to the way do business and encourage a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the business centre.

Matthew Wildman can be contacted directly by tenants (When required) on 07970 759963

Other tenants: Unlike many Landlords, we assess how each prospective tenant will affect the businesses around them. In some cases this leads to our losing a potential tenant in favour of keeping our existing ones happy. This means that you can be reassured about the type of landlords we are and that your points of view are taken into account, even after you have signed a lease.

Alterations: We are very flexible in providing the right sort of offices for each and every tenant. If you have a specific requirement, we are interested to see if we can provide this. In most cases having just the premises you need, should help to provide a long-term relationship between our companies.

Investment: Thousands of pounds have been spent on the business centre in the last few years, resulting in a brand new roof, new heating systems, modern lift and many more great features. The majority of the money has been spent internally and soon we will be looking to improvements to the frontage of the building.

Access & Security: Tenants are given ‘24 hour access’, to their offices through secure entry points. ALL entry points are locked 24 hours a day. Each office has a telephone and door entry system. Tenants are advised to know the people they are inviting into the building or requested to go to the door to let in people they are meeting for the first time.

Post: Secure letterboxes are available at the front of the building and new signs are currently being considered for each tenant.

Reception: There are no reception services available at the moment. Our current tenants do not require them and are glad not to have an additional added expense.

Other support services: The shareholders include a building contractor and a computer support team. Each of the shareholders, provide discounted services as a bonus to tenants of the business centre.

Cleaning: We clean and maintain the shared areas on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to keep your rooms clean and tidy. You must return them to us in the same condition that you found them when you arrived.

Keys: Tenants are supplied with electronic key fob's,

Fire, Health & Safety & Security: These are all issues that are extremely important to us. We will provide the highest of standards and if you have any suggestions as to possible improvements, we will be happy to discuss them with you. Please note: Belmont business Centre is a no smoking building