Business Centre Development – 2010 onwards

 Our Intentions - We have built up the Business Centre over many years, but putting the requirements of the tenants at the top of our agenda.  We now have a proven track record with the majority of tenants signing new contracts at renewal times.  Some tenants have been happy to stay with the Business Centre ever since our team took over responsibility for improvements in 2002.

 Investment in the Centre - As a small family business, we were originally limited to what could be invested in the building and old buildings can take more looking after than new ones.  With this in mind we have been consistently reinvesting income back into the business centre, year after year and in 2011 we invested beyond this with a further £50,000 worth of improvements in one go.

 Tenants Views are important - We definitely both give more and listen more than the average Landlord.  We recognise that if we take as many views from tenants as possible when investing in improvements, they are more likely to stay long term and feel that they are getting more value for their own investment when paying the rent.

 In 2010 - We carried out more than £30,000 worth of improvements around the property.  The expense ranged from roof improvements, through to health & Safety, security, office modernisation and many more.  A lot has been done behind the scenes and the changes aren’t always obvious, but they are there.

 In 2011 - The improvements were more plain to see and went much, much further.  £50,000 worth of upgrades brought a completely new look to the Main entrance of the business centre.  New decoration and features lead through to modern and attractive glass doors, which help highlight the best of the existing features of this Grade 2 listed building.  The formation of an attractive viewing balcony.  Subtle reactionary lighting that increases in intensity when it senses the presence of guests passing by.  The improvements combine to assist tenants and visitors alike to feel like they are visiting somewhere special.

 Enhanced Security FOBS – We have now added to the existing intercom main door system with new personalised electronic security keys and door locks.  You are issued with personal security fobs to access certain areas of the building.  This prevents illegal entry to offices and shared areas by those who think getting through the front door will be enough.

 Enhanced Security CAMERAS – The main entry points are covered by security cameras which transmit and store a picture of every person entering and leaving the building.

 Your individual requirements – Every prospective tenant has individual requirements, they may be just a wish list or they may be necessities, tell us about them.  Budget will always have an impact on anything we can do to help, but we try to be as helpful as we can.

 Some tenants want to keep their budget minimal and prefer to have a basic office in return.  Others are happy to pay a little more, as long as they can see a good return for their commitment.  We are happy to listen and try to provide for each individual as best we can.

 We Listen – A couple of  examples of working with tenants recently.  One tenant liked the deal but wanted an office with more light.  We helped them move to a different office in the building and even let them have a period in both rooms without extra charge to minimize any disruption.  Another was expanding and wanted a lot more space but though it wasn't affordable.  I explained that twice the space would definitely not be twice the cost.  Again we both became happy with the results of our negotiations.