Little Germany

The buildings within Little Germany date back to the 19th century. They are the legacy of Jewish merchants from mainland Europe who spent large sums of money constructing imposing warehouses for the storage and sale of their goods. A large proportion of the merchants came from Germany hence the name Little Germany.

Little Germany is still one of Bradford's busiest commercial areas, with over 110 businesses and organisations with 3000 workers. It attracts around 100,000 visitors each year.

The local authority is currently promoting plans to regenerate the area by renovating and converting the interior of the old mills into housing, hotels, offices, whilst preserving the originally Victorian distinctive architecture.

Car Parking: The area used to be full of cars belonging to workers from the city centre.  A new scheme has been introduced focussed on the businesses in our area.  This scheme was chosen by the businesses in our area and we are pleased to say that it has been a resounding success.  Now people can visit your business and park at any time of the day, starting at less than a pound..

Business residents can also obtain a parking permit to cap the cost of parking on a daily basis.  There are also secure car parks available for those who prefer it to on street parking.

The area is split between residential and business usage.  This has meant that there is now less demand for parking spots during the day as there are less businesses and the residents donít require parking until after office hours.

City Centre Project: After the City Centre Shopping Centre Project was dropped, new plans have been drawn up for a beauty spot to be created nearby.  Whatever the outcome of the changes, we envisage the environment around the outskirts of Little Germany will be further improved by the changes and further investment by Bradford Council.

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