Electronic Door System  (For Enhanced Security)


Security Doors

We have Added to the existing intercom main door system with new personalised electronic security keys and door locks. 


There are many security measures in place but the door system provides several tiers of security.

Not just at the main door, but throughout the building.

It is very sophisticated system with many features

All the doors are independent and programmable from our main I.T. control room (Offsite)

Some doors are programmed to be locked all the time and others are programmed to be open during the day.

(These are accessed with your security fob only).

An example being the main lobby door, which opens at 7am for the postman and locks itself at 6pm

At night time ALL the doors revert to being locked (access using your fob only)

Security Fobs

You are issued with personal security fobs to access certain areas of the building. 

This prevents illegal entry to offices and shared areas by those who think getting through the front door will be enough.

Each fob is individual to the person it has been issued to.

You fob will not allow you access to areas that you arenít entitled and the same applies to others in other areas of the business centre.