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Proud of our village and the people who live and work there.

Baildon Village not only retains it small village looks, but also its local feel.  People around the village know each other and feel comfortable seeing familiar friendly faces.  The shopkeepers want to build on this and expand that feeling to as many local people who want to join in.

Bring back the good times and do some local good.

We started a social group, to create happy events for people to look forward to.  Even more of us will get to know one another and the main event of each year will make money for a local charity.

Open up the membership to more people – network with your fellow businesses

In just a short space of time, we have changed the name to ‘Baildon Businesses Social Group’ to show that any business owner in Baildon is welcome to join in.  Not just the shop keepers in the Village Centre.

Keeping up with the group without difficulty

We have started a web site so that members who can’t get to the meetings can follow the latest suggestions and ring or email their votes without having to attend.


More pages of information will be provided and a calendar of events in and around the village.  Local clubs have been invited to submit their events, which will also be published.  We may even see what is happening with local plays and other groups.

No high expectations from the members

Even the first members of the group realised that for the group to work, we need quite a few members and when members are helping out, they cannot be expected to do any more than they are willing to do.  No one wants to feel dragged into doing something that they don’t really have time for.

No real cost of membership

Each member has their membership fee refunded if they attend the annual event.  We recognised that if the main event is well attended, then there is no need for a membership fee at all, but it helps having some funds to get the event off the ground.

The next event

Our first social event is a meal at the ‘Old Glen House’ on Saturday 22nd October and we have already set a date and booked a ‘Summer Ball’ for June next year.

The Main event

One of the first items raised by the group was the need for an event that people can look forward to all year.  When ‘every other do’ these days is ‘jeans and a disco’, we wanted to put on a Charity Ball where no one looks out of place wearing their very finest clothes.

Go on – Join in – you’ll enjoy it

If you are interested in becoming a member or just attending one of our events, then please look at the web site for more details or contact Shiree at Curves Lingerie in the village on 415769.

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 If you wish to help in any way please contact us:

The main contact is : Shiree (Curves Lingerie) on 01274 415769