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NOTE: Latest news is always at the top of this list ...............



              Donations for Prizes now being taken for this years ball.

Shiree (Curves), with the assistance of other members of the group, is now collecting donations for prizes which could be used for Auction, raffle or tombola at the ball.

We are lucky that we have several contributors and promises of contributions already.

For the latest list, please check the page on Charity Ball Donations List.

If you know anyone who wishes to contribute, please contact Shiree on 415769

                          Dates agreed for tickets to go on sale.

As with previous events, the tickets will be released in 3 stages.

First they will go on sale to the group.

Then as a reward for loyalty, people who bought tickets for the previous event will get a chance to purchase, before they go on general sale.

The 3 dates are: June 1st, July  1st & August 1st.


                                         May 2nd - New Posters

Final Draft of new posters have been agreed, printed and distributed.  If anyone would like a copy (printed or emailed to them as a PDF), please let Matthew know.

                       Main Event Sponsor Agreed for 2013 Charity Ball.

Breaking with tradition, this year we have been able to provide an extra package to tempt a Main event sponsor.  The main sponsor gets even more coverage from the group, (before, during and after the event).  In return, they will pay a reasonably large sum directly into the charity fund.

As this is an additional source of income for the next charity ball, we are now expecting to exceed the amount raised in previous years.

We are pleased to welcome Wilsons Solicitors as this year’s main event sponsors.

We can confirm that they are very pleased with the package that we have offered and in turn we are very grateful for the contribution they are making to the event.  It is a Win / Win deal for both the charity and the sponsor.

For more information on being a main event sponsor at a future event, please contact Matthew Wildman (Mobile 07970759963, email:


                   Baildon Cards & Gifts (Westgate) join the group.

 Bianca has now joined the regular meetings and made an immediate impact offering to donate towards the decorations on the evening of the ball and to help purchase other decorations and gifts at cost.


                     Wilsons Solicitors (Westgate) join the group. 

This year we welcomed Daniel to the regular meetings and she has already made some terrific contributions and ideas.


NEWS – 2013

Baildon Business Social Group Announce 2013 Charity Ball.

Date for the Annual Ball.

This years annual ball will be held on

Saturday 12th October.

The arrangements have already been agreed with the The Bankfield Hotel, Bingley.

These include all the special arrangements agreed with the hotel last time which provided a better event with a difference.

Once again a quality choice of menu will be offered to all those who purchase tickets in advance of the event.

The deposit has been paid.

Memberships have started to be renewed and new members are joining the group.

New Prizes have already been donated towards the next event.

A professional photographer has already agreed to assist and donate part of his takings to the charity fund.

Ticket Price for the annual ball NOT to be increased.

The price of this years tickets has again been set at £37.50 per person.

Still remarkably affordable when you compare the price with other balls and consider what is provided.

It beats many other events on price, value and quality.

Predicted tickets shortfall is good news.

It appears that there are more people waiting for tickets than will be available.

With this in mind, tickets will be made available to members first, secondly a month later to those who came to the previous event (as a loyalty bonus and thirdly another month later available on general release.  For the dates when each set of tickets are available, please refer to the diary of events.

Applications for tickets will be accepted before the release dates (if accompanied with payment) and given priority on each of the days that the tickets are made available.

For ticket information and bookings,

contact Darren -  07904125583


Increasing the income generated from the Annual Ball.

It is generally recognised that thanks to the enormous generosity of our local businesses, members and supporters there is usually a large selection of gifts available to help raise funds at the annual ball.  We have traditionally split the selection into three lists of prizes for the raffle, tombola and voted the top prizes to be used in the auction.

This year it is suggested that one or two prizes could be allocated for a few other simple and fun ways to promote the event, add fund and raise extra funds.

These are currently being discussed.



NEWS – 2010 to 2012

These notes have been removed to simplify the web page for now.  For information relating to these dates, please contact Matthew Wildman.


OLDER NEWS – Pre 2009


Breaking News ……………….


Several members have already renewed.

Fees are due at the next meeting.

This membership will last all the way until the next ball is held.

Same rules apply as before and a full refund will be made against tickets to the next ball.

You can’t lose.


Katy Sorge & Kirsten Carruthers attended the February Meeting and are becoming members.

Clare for The Courtyard is also becoming a member.

And Eddie Ward from Warren Business Services is also becoming a member.


The members of Baildon Council and other local groups have been discussing ways in which we can all unite to make the Christmas event happen.

The word is out regarding what we want to do and it all seems positive so far.

One of the council members has taken on the role of being responsible.

More at the next meeting.


The first window badge – showing MEMBER OF BAILDON BUSINESSES SOCIAL GROUP is being considered.

We think we have a great design.  To be discussed at the next meeting.




Just an update on last nights meeting. We had two possible new members from Keycare attend, Sharon from Nine couldn’t be there but she plans to become a member and Claire from the Courtyard is joining.


The next social evening is Saturday 28 March at Nine Westgate.

Sharon is going to give us a 3 course menu with 4 choices in each for us to choose from at the next meeting, the menu will be similar to her Valentines evening menu. She will open as a private bistro evening just for our group.


Next meeting is 4th March and we hope to have more info on Christmas lights etc and possible someone from Parish Council to tell us what they plan to do


Most of the members attending last nights meeting are speaking to others and bringing back their findings regarding the Christmas project.


The membership fees are due again for this year.

Please try and pay them on or before the March meeting.

We have agreed that just as in previous years, the full amount will be refunded against a ticket for the next ball.  That means that your membership will last right through until the next ball is held.

See you soon






It’s that time again when we meet and decide what next.

What everyone has achieved in the three years we have been going is great.

The first meeting has been planned for Wednesday 21 January 2009

To be held in the committee room at the Copperbeech club, Baildon.

This is because a few of the members wanted to meet before inviting new prospective members who are waiting for the planned February meeting (1st Wednesday as normal)

There were things mentioned at the end of season 3 which will need discussing and some probably need to be voted on at this meeting.  So I thought I would give people a little reminder to consider for the next meeting.

1. New members.

2. Timeframe for the next ball.

3. Meal out early in the year.

4. Roles within the group.

New members.

There are several people interested in attending a meeting and considering membership.

This includes a lady from Keycare, Eddie Ward (Local tax advisor and ex Baildon parish councillor), Sharon from Number 9 and others

It has been suggested that we discuss any issues that may arise with possible new members at the first meeting, then invite them all along to the second meeting.

Time frame for the next ball.

We have had a couple of discussions regarding the 4th Annual Charity Ball.

It has been suggested that it should be held in February 2010, with a Valentines theme.

Matthew played devils advocate at the last meeting, pointing out that if this was the case, then we wouldn’t be holding one at all in 2009 and if we had held another in Autumn 2009 we could have used the same theme and planning would have been easier.

Replies to this were:

Every ball has had a different theme and most of the members at the last meeting wanted another theme for the next one.

Each new theme we used, has been fresh and exciting and the valentines theme will be just as good.

The proposed date gives plenty of time for preparation.

The fact that we miss out 2009 doesn’t really matter, as long as there isn’t an issue which causes the ball to suffer by moving the date.

It now seems like the momentum is with the Valentines idea, so it might be time to consider any other options and vote, so we can all get behind whichever idea we choose and start planning.

Meal out early in the year.

At the last meeting, I pointed out that the social group was presently only meeting socially once a year.

I then suggested that we meet socially twice a year.  Once at the start of making new plans, when lots of new ideas are being offered and discussed, then after the annual event is complete and we are all hopefully celebrating yet another success.  This idea seemed to be welcomed, so we may need to discuss another meal out or similar event in February or a date in March after we have met some new prospective members, who may also wish to attend.

Roles within the group.

We have often discussed roles within the group and how it would be a little easier if there were just a few more members to share the responsibility.  It will probably be a good idea to discuss if everyone is happy with the roles they are currently covering.  I suggest this because there could be fresh members wanting to help from the March meeting onwards and it will be a good idea if we already have an idea just what we are wanting help with.

I hope these reminders help and please remember these are only my ideas and all others are welcome at the meeting.

Sorry for the rush with the latest meeting.

Everything will be back to normal with the 1st Wednesday of each month from here on.

See you all soon.

Best Regards




The group have reviewed this years income and double checked the figure.

Over £3700 was raised relating to this years annual ball.

 The members meat twice in November.

Once to hand the cheques to the charities and once more for a meal out at the Old Glen House.  Check the diary of events page for details.



On Saturday 11th October 2008 the group held their 3rd Annual Charity Ball.

This time we had an Autumn / Halloween theme and a great time was had by all.

Both the membership and support from local businesses has grown over the past year and this has reflected in our largest event so far, raising over £3,700.

The ball was once again held at the Ramada Bankfield Hotel in Bingley.  The night was full of glamour & fundraising events including a raffle, tombola, auction and a couple of games to get people in the mood.  Guests were warmly welcomed with a reception drink followed by a luxury four course meal. Those buying tickets early enough were offered the additional luxury of a choice of menu prior to the evening. 

The two local charities who benefited from this years event were the MacMillan Cancer Care Nurses with £1,700 and The Baildon Rugby & Cricket Clubhouse also with £ 1,700.

 This time the live entertainment was provided by Inavision.

 Local Businesses Provided quite a selection of Special Prizes for the Auction and ensured some high bidding for the worthy causes.  Over £1000 was raised through the auction alone.

Our grateful thanks go out to the many local businesses who have supported this event in many different ways.  The group ask that readers visit the web site to see who they are and that we do really appreciate their support.  Without them, there wouldn’t be an event.  We were also able to do a bit more this year on the night to promote and show support for the businesses who help the event.

Guests Comments on and after the night included – “I always feel special when I come to this event”

“Compliments to the Hotel and the staff, its’ not often that you get a choice of menu before such an event and even with the extra complications this brings.  The staff also came to our rescue a few times on the day during setting up.  Without that help I’m not sure we would have been ready”

“Events like these are over before you know it, that’s when you know you’ve had a good time”

It is worth noting that tickets are going to be difficult to come by for the next event as we don’t plan to allow it to get any larger.

It is also worth noting that although it is the businesses that are putting on the event, anyone can buy tickets for the event.  Some people still think the ball is just for businesses and that is not the case.  If you can get hold of a ticket, you are welcome.




Early indications are  that this years charity ball has broken all previous records, more money was taken than in previous years, all tables were taken, the food and entertainment was excellent as usual and a good time was had by all.....

Photos and updates will be posted on this site By November 1st

The Group are meeting next - Wednesday 22nd October to plan when the cheques will be handed over to the charities

Thank you once again for everyone helping

no matter how small the contribution

It all helps.


NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! - 2008


Diary of Events.

Click here for what’s is being planned for 2008



If you’ve not renewed your membership, please do so quickly.

Don’t forget you get a FULL REFUND against a ticket for the ball, so you listing on the website and link to your own website continue to give you free advertising with the group.

Even if you can’t attend the meetings and/or help out with the preparation, you are still welcome to apply for membership and will be showing your support for what we do.

We have a number of members who just pay their membership and attend the annual ball.  It helps to know we have that support and enough interest at the offset to guarantee a great evening for all.

Members are also first in line when the tickets are issued.

Date for the Annual Ball.

This years annual ball will be held on

Saturday 11th October.

The arrangements have already been agreed with the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Bingley (The Bankfield)

These include all the special arrangements agreed with the hotel last year which provided a better event with a difference.

Once again a quality choice of menu will be offered to all those who purchase tickets in advance of the event.

The deposit has been paid.

Memberships have started to be renewed and new members are joining the group.

New Prizes have already been donated towards the next event.

A professional photographer has already approached the group with an even better offer than last years.

New Ticket Price for the annual ball.

The price of this years tickets has been set at £37.50 per person.

This is just a fractional increase following the previous two years at just £35.

Still remarkably affordable when you compare the price with other balls and consider what is provided.

It beats many other events on price, value and quality.

Predicted tickets shortfall is good news.

It appears that with the people who attended the first ball and couldn’t attend the second, combined with the new comers at the second ball who also wish to purchase tickets for the next one, there is now more demand than tickets available.

With this in mind, tickets will be made available to members first, secondly a month later to those who came to the previous event (as a loyalty bonus and thirdly another month later available on general release.  For the dates when each set of tickets are available, please refer to the diary of events.

Applications for tickets will be accepted before the release dates (if accompanied with payment) and given priority on each of the days that the tickets are made available.

For ticket information and bookings,

contact Darren   or  phone  -  07904125583


Increasing the income generated from the Annual Ball.

It is generally recognised that thanks to the enormous generosity of our local businesses, members and supporters there is usually a large selection of gifts available to help raise funds at the annual ball.  We have traditionally split the selection into three lists of prizes for the raffle, tombola and voted the top prizes to be used in the auction.

This year it is suggested that one or two prizes could be allocated for a few other simple and fun ways to promote the event, add fund and raise extra funds.

These include:  

A Separate Raffle called The Village Raffle.

One or two large prizes allocated.

Tickets available in participating local shops.

Promoted by posters in the shops.

No need to push them, but if customers want to buy.

Ticket drawn at the ball.

Prizes held in one of the shops to be collected afterwards.

A poster put up in the shops afterwards with the winning numbers.

Number of items in a jar or container.

One large prize allocated.

Easy stall to manage to create something else for people to laugh about on the evening.

Numbers under seats.

This was suggested last year, but didn’t get chosen.

Was also discussed as a way of giving out decorations.

Stand up / Sit down.

Also discussed last year as a possible for next year.

Wasn’t a top choice because we prefer ‘no obligation’ options and it was suggested some people feel obliged to join in these type of events, even if they don’t want to.

Questions to be discussed at future meetings.

Posters - We might have a new design to discuss at the February meeting.

A change of Band for the ball ? - We have been entertained by the group Tuxedo Junction the last two years.

We are considering another similar group for a change.  Ideas welcome.

Charities to be supported by this years main event.

Menu choices for this years ball?

2007 Meal Out

Members enjoyed a great meal, in the relaxed surroundings at the Oakwood Hall in November.

Enthusiastic discussions sparked renewed interest in the up and coming meeting and the next possible event.




July 2007

TIME OFF  - The group members will be getting together for a meal out after the break.  If you are interested in when and where and might wish to join the group for the meal, please contact any of the members to find out more.

The details will be posted here as soon as we know.

The new designs for the group letterheads are on the way.  It has been planned to send out the ‘thank you’ letters for all the local support on these as soon as they are ready.

It goes without saying that we are very grateful for all the local support which has make each and every event we have held, among the finest and most talked about in the our local calendar.


June 2007

A Special Meeting was planned for the Official Handing Over of the cheques.

Richard from the ‘Prosider’ magazine came to take some official photographs.

As agreed £2,400 was handed to our local Macmillan Nurses and £800 to the Kirkgate Community Centre in Shipley.


Late MAY 2007

The members met on 30th May 2007

We reviewed the DRAFT summary of accounts for this years main event and when completed these will be audited.

As always there will be a small amount still to come in and a couple of bills still to pay, but it is accepted that over £3,000 was made at the annual ball.

The discussion that was still needed was an agreement on which other local charities should benefit this year as well as the main charity – Macmillan Nurses with a donation of £2,400

Many options were discussed including: The Veterans; The Link; Baildon in Bloom; The Glen Tramway; etc ……  The Glen Tramway of course had a donation last year and it was decided that others also needed support, so the donations may well move around each year.

The Kirkgate Community Centre in Shipley supports a lot of people in Baildon through all sorts of activities and we have agreed to donate £ 800 this year. 

In time we will be providing more information on this web site, on all the local charities that are being proposed, so that readers can find out more about them and support them if you wish.

Early MAY 2007

Apologies for those who have been visiting here looking for what has been happening.

I think we need an assistant to help me with simple summaries and making notes to keep everyone up to date.  If anyone wants to help me, just let me know.

The Ball was a resounding success.

For continuity we kept some things the same, but learning from the first event we also improved a lot and I think more enjoyment was had by all.

Despite being limited to having the event earlier in the season, we were still able to fill the ballroom and yet again raise over £3,000 for our worthy causes.

The Auction was incredible and thanks to local businesses contributing some imaginative prizes, the money raised through approximately 20 minutes was £1,353 staggering.  Top prize goes to Arts Photography, who had £360 bid for their gift of a £500 family photography session.

It is not often commented about the food when a hotel tries their best to feed 150 guests all in one go, but hats off to the Ramda Jarvis Hotel.  Compliments galore for an excellent 4 course meal.

February/March /April

The Ball is now close by.......

........Have you bought your tickets and told everyone you know ?

As you would expect there has been so much to do in recent weeks, there has been little time to update this page.

Everything is in place to make this years ball the best ever.

As with last year, the members have been concentrating on setting a very high standard.

The emphasis is most definitely on quality.

There is more happening.

The evening will finish later to allow more to happen.

Everyone thought last year finished far too early (but that will always happen at best events)

There are Bigger and better auction prizes as well a late rush on ticket sales & donations for the raffle / tombola.

It is going to take a while to get all the donators onto the list of donations, they might not all be up by the time of the ball, but they are going to stay up on the website all year round.

Many Many thanks to all those concerned and please bear with us.


The Members wish to congratulate Darren & Rachel on their new baby and hope they will have achieved some sleep before we see them at the ball.


All the very best to Graham Cullingford (Member and Owner of the Butchers Shop at the top of Westgate)

Get well soon after your recent operation (& don’t get too grumpy)


Matthew Wildman

Tel/Fax: 01274 599774 (Mobile 07970 759963)



Apologies for the lack of information here during the last couple of months.

As you would expect there has been a lot of activity and the main event for 2007 is now in the final stages of its preparation.

Here is a summary of what has been recently agreed.

Note: You will see a lot of the participating members listed here, for more information about the members and their businesses and web sites, please visit the members page and click on the links.


Rachel from is liaising with the Bankfield hotel regarding final arrangements for the evening.


Local Business of all sizes have again been contributing prizes for the evening.

Shiree (Of curves Lingerie), Celia (Of Wildman Properties) & Pat (Ronkowski & Hall)

Are currently graciously accepting the contributions.

These will be divided up between the Auction, raffle, tombola and the evenings activities.

Karen of the Baildon Classic Collection has held recent discussions with people associated with Yorkshire cricket and other local sports.  There could be some interesting sporting gifts amongst this years prize donations.

Here is the current list of donations …………………………


It was generally felt that last years ball was over before it began.  I think any event that feels special from start to finish will give you that feeling, but this year we will have more time to enjoy it and it will finish later.


It has been agreed that this year we will have more entertainment than last year and a greater variety.  The acts have now been booked.  To add some continuity to last years event, we have booked the same band for the dancing.

Click here for picture of last years band


Posters have been generously designed by Lyndsey of Apperley Design.

Also printed for us at a very reasonable price.  These are now on display throughout the village.

Click here if you wish to print your own copy


The Editors have expressed an interest in helping us promote the event again.  We are very grateful for the publicity they gave us last year when helping us with launching our very first Ball.


These have again been generously designed by Lyndsey of Apperley Design.

Also printed for us at a very reasonable price.

These went on sale in January to members.

They are currently on sale to people who attended the previous event and we are also taking bookings for anyone else interested in purchasing tickets when they go on general sale.

As there are only 20 more tickets available than last year and over half the tickets are already spoken for, the orders will be dealt with strictly on a first come first served basis.

For ticket sales, please contact  Darren Shepherd on - 07904125583


Meetings continue to be held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Februaries meeting was quite a hectic one following the relatively quiet one held in January.  Januaries meeting was joined by local MP (And Social Group Member) Philip Davies who had some interesting ideas regarding local charities who might benefit from our future support.

Following the interest in his donation last year of tea for 2 at the houses of parliament which was auctioned on the night, he has again offered the same prize for this year.


There will be a list of Auction prizes here shortly.

They will also be on display early in the evening to allow guests to see what they could be bidding for later on.

These items may already include:

                                                Tea for two at the houses of parliament

                                                Holiday in Scotland

                                                Autographed Sports Memorabilia

                                                Annual Computer Support Contract

                                                A Weekend at a Hotel

                                                Tickets to a golfing tour event.

                                                & Many more ……………


We are still discussing the best way of providing pictures of the special event without having one of the members working throughout the entire evening.  More news on this soon.


The more help we get, the easier each job becomes for the members involved.  This makes helping a pleasure instead of hard work.  If you can help us in any way, please get in touch, we want to hear from you.



There is so much happening how do I summarise.

The recent meetings have been very enjoyable.

New Members joining, visits to prospective venues, a fews pats on the back for putting on a great event last year and raising much more than we expected.

We have decided on the date and next venue for next years ball. We involved as many members as possible in the decision and it was unanimous.

Go to the ball page for current details. We are currently meeting the first Wednesday of every month.

This makes it easy to remember when the meeting is upon us.

Membership is now due and has the added bonus of entitlement to advance booking for the events, as well as a full refund – YOU CAN’T LOSE.

Go to the members page to see what the benefits are.

Decembers Meeting will concentrate on which Charities are to be supported by next years main event.

Please join in if you can.

If you want to add any ideas or give your support in any other way, you can contact us using the telephone no's on the main page OR email



A Large gathering  of  Members met for a very pleasant meal  at the ‘Old Glen House’

Then it was down to business for the first meeting regarding the next Charity Ball.

These meetings are now held the first Wednesday of every month.

This makes the dates easier to remember.

Several possibilities were raised regarding this years possible venues and the members went away to gather more information and return to discuss it further.

Given that venues will already be booking up for next year, we decided to hold another meeting next Wednesday to move this issue on quickly.

Watch this space ……………………………………..

If you are reading this summary and want to take part, please let us know or just come along to a meeting and introduce yourself.





Following the Success of their 1st Annual Summer Charity Ball, held on June 17th at Hoyle Court, the group were able to hand over cheques to their nominated charities on Thursday 31st August.

A cheque for £2400 was handed to Emma Lavelle-Wood for local Macmillan Nurses and a further cheque for £800 was handed to Richard Freedman for Shipley Glen Tramway.

Both the members of the group and the charities were pleasantly surprised at how much was raised on their first organised event.  A member of the group commented “This is just the start we needed, to encourage new members and support for future events”, “We are so lucky to have been supported by so many helpful local businesses and individuals”.  “The people of Baildon can be proud of themselves”.

Emma explained how money is being spent locally and what a difference funds like these are making to local people struggling with cancer.

Richard described how the tramway had been rescued from near closure and with local support the trustees of the tramway aim to preserve and improve the tramway as our local heritage.

At the meeting, local MP Philip Davies had his application to join the group warmly accepted by the membership and another local up and coming event of interest was mentioned - The Baildon Community Garden is being opened with an event planned on September 23rd.

Dates discussed for meetings up until the end of the year (see diary of events)



Income and expenditure for the first event were scrutinised and agreed by members of the group.  The event was a resounding success and minor issues were discussed to be learnt from, for future events.

Members agreed on a night out to celebrate their success.

This will be at the Old Glen house on 30th September.



The Summer Ball was an unbelievable success.

Pages with photographs will be posted when we have time later.

Over £3000 was raised at our very first event.

The Staff, the compare, the band, the venue, the efforts of everyone involved were wonderful, but it also has to be said that all the guests who attended made the event the resounding success that it was.  Everyone had made a special effort with gowns and suites and turned up with the attitude that they were going to have a ball.

We are also very grateful for the enormous generosity of the businesses and individuals who contributed gifts, prizes and money to the ball.




Moor Valley Leisure & Apperley Design

add further to the membership and tables booked.

Tickets are selling out fast.

Click here to check out the current membership list.

Justine at Moor Valley Leisure has offered to

assist Shiree with more contacts for prizes and support.

The printing costs for the tickets has been paid.

Steve at Beatitmusic and Matthew at Wildman Computers have been

frantically reviewing the band arrangements for the evening when the previous

plans went awry.  They hope to bring good news to the next meeting.



So much has happened we can only summarise here ……….

Everything is just about in place for the Summer Ball.

The April meeting will focus on sorting the evening’s events into an itinerary.

 A well known Compare is booked for the Summer Ball.

 New Members have joined the group.

The social group have been visited by representatives from both the charities.

Each have spoken about the charities and what any donation might be used for.

They are happy to be associated with the event and wish us every success.

Our very special tickets were designed complimentary by Ideas Jar Limited.

These reflect the quality of the evening we intend to put on at the charity ball.

Richard & Scott from the Insider Magazine have put their weight behind the promotion and wrote a great article announcing the summer ball in the latest edition.

Darren at Woodlander is organising the ticket sales and was happy to announce over 100 tickets booked by the last meeting.

Shiree (from Curves) and Celia (from Wildman Properties) have been on overdrive with phone calls, leaflets, posters and generally moving things forward.


We are all getting a little exited now.



Tuesday, 24 January 2006

 The meeting was moved to a Tuesday, to allow other people to attend who have commented that they can’t attend on the other days we held the meetings.  This didn’t make any difference.  It was the usual faces at the meeting.

 A lot of progress was made on many fronts.

 When discussing items to be voted on, the views of anyone who could not attend but had passed on their opinions were voiced before any decisions were taken.

 Membership: Graham took some more membership fees for new members.

 Bank Book: Val & Celia announced that the bank account was now open to the group.

 The Charities: We voted on the Charities being supported and after the discussions, the decision was unanimous.  The main charity is Local Macmillan Nurses and the second charity is the Glen Tramway.  More information will follow about these charities with links to their own web pages.

 Ticket Prices: We also voted on the price to be charged for tickets.  This stood the longest amount of debate and had to be carried by a majority vote.  The price will be £35

 Ticket Wording: We then moved onto the wording on the tickets.  We needed to reflect on the dress code required and demonstrate what people were going to receive for the money they were being asked to pay.

 The Menu was announced: We now know the exceptional buffet that is going to be laid on.  Click here to see what is on offer.

 Roles adopted by our brave volunteers: Our small team of main activists all volunteered to carry out a few more things for the event this time.  If you know of anyone who wishes to help out, even in just a small way (before or at the event), please let us know.  The more people, having to do less each, the easier it will be for everyone.

 Matthew agreed to:     Summarise everything agreed onto more web pages.

                                    Get in touch with the Baildon tramway charity for more details.

                                    Agree final terms with the band booked for the Ball.

                                    Organise photographs on the evening of the ball.

Speak to Jayne Ronkowski about the artwork and design she is offering to help with.

They just need to type up a brief paragraph or two and supply a couple of photographs.  Then discuss the proof before it goes up.


Graham agreed to:      Look into obtaining a large whiskey bottle for one of the events on the evening.

 Celia agreed to:           Look into the main charity to be supported.


Shiree agreed to:        Start collecting the prizes donated by local businesses.

Speak to those who were wanting to join, but were waiting for the bank account to be opened.


Darren agreed to:        Take responsibility for ticket sales (once the tickets are printed)


Steve Gibson agreed to: Organise and perform with the main band on the evening (more below)   


Other Matters:  Table arrangements, sponsorship and other matters were briefly discussed

and agreed to be brought up in order at later meetings.


Donations from Local Businesses: These are now flooding in to Shiree.  Once a list is produced, we will be discussing the best way to use them on the night, to raise funds for the charity.  This may be by raffle, auction, tombola or something similar.  We hope to choose ways, which allows the night to flow without too much interruption.


Main Sponsor: We haven’t yet decided if anyone can be given the option to be main sponsor for the event.  At other events, this usually happens if one contributor puts an agreed extra contribution towards the charity/event.  This will be discussed more at the next meeting.


The Main band for the evening: Matthew discussed the lineup for the Band ‘Made in Milwalkee’ for the evening.  Steve Gibson is in charge of this and has put a professional line up together with two types of music in mind.  As well as a good selection of modern numbers, the band also intend to provide for ballroom dancing.  They will also be looking to provide some background music from Cd’s through their sound system during other parts of the evening.


The String quartet: At this stage we are also trying to arrange for other performers, including the possibility of a string quartet playing during the arrival time.


The starting time for the main event:


Evening itinerary: Matthew started an itinerary for the evening and hopes to help it along before handing this over to the compare, when the person carrying out this role has been agreed.


The Next Meeting: Will be held on Wednesday 15th February 2006 (7pm at the Bull Pub in Westgate)




The Insider Magazine

The latest Insider magazine carries a large spread using the details from the recent editorial.  It was good and keeps the momentum going with lots of further interest.

The November Meeting

This was held on a Wednesday, to allow those whose find Thursdays difficult to attend.

If you have any views on when and where we meet, we are happy to discuss them with you

People adopted roles and lists were drawn up of jobs still to be done.

Some of the following issues were raised.

The Bank Book

Having looked at and discussed all the options available to the group for a bank account.

One is being opened before the next meeting. 

New Members

A lot of people supporting the group commented that they were waiting for the bank account to be opened, so they could write a cheque for their membership.  In light of this, we are hoping to have several more members by the time of the next meeting in January.

Important items to vote on at the next meeting

A lively discussion was had on many subjects and having discussed them, we have adjourned until January to consider the issues. 

We intend to vote on the following in January:

1. Charities being considered for the ball. (Click here)

2. The price of the Charity Ball tickets. (Click here)

3. The wording on the Charity Ball tickets. (Click here)

Please consider / discuss these issues and let us know your views.

If you are a member and not able to attend the next meeting, please let Shiree know your wishes, so you will be properly represented.

The Next Meeting

As we were skipping the busy Christmas month, it was decided to agree the date of the January meeting after the holiday period.

The date will be posted on this site in the diary of events, as soon as it is announced.



The date of Ball is agreed and announced.

A lot of the costs are agreed and the venue is booked.

Lots of progress during this month as the potential membership grew.

Here is a brief list of some of the things that happened:

The web pages.

To help those who want to be involved, but cannot always get to the meetings.  As well as those who just want to know what we are doing, we have created this set of web pages.

I hope this will also reflect all the things we achieve over the coming months and help us from covering old ground.  We will post pages stating what we have already agreed and why.

Posters go up in shop windows.

Soon after the web pages went up, shops started to display posters to help people get to know about the web pages and how to keep up

Artwork Offer.

Jayne A. Ronkowski is a local Website designer and has offered to assist with the creation of a logo and artwork for the table menus at the Charity Ball.

The 1st Social Night at the Old Glen House.

Members and potential members met for drinks and a three course meal.

Socialising, Networking and ideas for the groups future were shared.

A good time was had by all and everybody present left with the intention of getting more involved.

The Insider Magazine requested an editorial.

At their request, Matthew wrote an Editorial for the Insider magazine.

Click here to see a copy of the editorial.


September 2005

More Information -

New Pages created for the web site -            

1. Become a member

2. Diary of events

3. Details of the Charity Ball

4. Recent News

To get people used to knowing how easy it is to get to the information on what is happening we are gong to put up some posters in our premises, with the web site address on them.

The meal out next month.

We have decided to visit the Old Glen house for a meal on Sat 22 October 2005.

Please let Shiree know if you wish to join us (so we can book your seats).

All Welcome.

August 2005

A Date is finalised for the Main event - THE CHARITY BALL17th June 2006.

We can get so much more from holding the event at the Lodge if we can also use the gardens.  Shiree has negotiated reductions on the hire of the hall as well as the cost of food and complimentary drink.  The reductions were offered easily by the owners of the hall, because of their own commitment to supporting Baildon Businesses.

A Date is set for our first social event – 20th October 2005

Probably a meal out (to be discussed at the September meeting)

Matthew is going away to create new information pages for the web site, so people who cannot attend the meetings can keep up with progress.

Matthew & Celia are looking into the best band we can get for the summer ball.  The bigger the name, the better.  Matthew has offered his band as a fall back.

We also agreed to change the name of the group from

Baildon Shopkeepers Social Group

To Baildon Businesses Social Group

This is to make more people feel that they may take part, if they wish.


The Summer Ball -

Local Drummer – Steve"Gibby" Gibson (Manager of Beat it Music Store on Westgate)

Offers to re-form a famous local group just for the event.

The group were called – Made in Milwaukee and last played with Suzie Quatro.


July 2005

The second meeting brought in news faces and the first hour was difficult as we looked for unanimous agreements on many issues.  We also couldn’t hear each other until we moved downstairs away from the duke box.  Towards the end of the meeting we had agreed on many of the important issues about the type of event and the fact that we wished to hold the event in Baildon (Preferably at the Masons Lodge)

June 2005

Shiree of Curves Lingerie starts asking fellow shop keepers if we should put something on to give people something to look forward to (and dress up for)

Matthew & Celia at Wildman Computers agree to help put some leaflets out and get some feedback from fellow shop keepers.

The first meeting is arranged in the Suburban Bar and a small gathering is formed with other interested parties send apologies but are interested.


 If you wish to help in any way please contact us:

The main contact is : Shiree (Curves Lingerie) on 01274 415769