What Ever Happened to "The Old Gits on the Block"


           Formed in Baildon in 1994, the band ran with several line-ups until 2001

Later re-forming as SOMERSET AVENUE who now perform there own songs

alongside many well known popular cover versions


ogotb-1.gif (346331 bytes)

Guitar solo imminent

ogotb-2.gif (296687 bytes)

nice shoes!

ogotb3.gif (274796 bytes)

Bass player rests mike on head?

ogotb4.gif (304746 bytes)

drums and bass hypnotised by the guitarist

ogotb5.gif (305155 bytes)

Headless Guitar solo

ogotb6.gif (308486 bytes)

Singer falls asleep

ogotb7.gif (371990 bytes)

Paul shaking his blue thing?

ogotb8.gif (386597 bytes)

Have you gotta light mate?


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